"There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man"

- Sir Winston Churchill



Calm, Confident and Patient Approach


Energetic or spooky horses are not a problem


Also willing to work with stallions and foals.


experience in many fields





Side Saddle

Draft Teams

Trick Riding



" I want a nice photo of my horse, but there's nowhere to do it at my yard !"



If you don't have anywhere nice to take a photo at your location, a new background can be edited in.


The horse in this photo was originally photographed in a round pen, then edited into the more scenic stable setting.


Ideal for older horses or those who can't (or won't) travel.

We Support

Prince Fluffy Kareem (PFK)

UK registered charity nr 1156400. Helping horses, donkeys and camels in the Pyramid area of Cairo, Egypt.

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